Opinion: First aid needs improvements

Better safe than sorry.

In last week’s story, “Defibrillators, training to be added,” it was reported that more defibrillators have been ordered, and faculty members are in discussion regarding their placement, which is to be judged by their accessibility.

It has come to our attention, however, the absence of these machines in student-concentrated areas such as dormitories and classroom buildings, with the exception of the Living and Leaning Center.

If an incident were to occur in, for example, Willow Hall, the best chance the person who was in need for immediate medical attention is to wait for police or paramedics to arrive, with the closest defibrillator being at the Wellness Center.

University officials need to investigate, hopefully with some expert input, where defibrillators should be placed and what number would be ideal. Training in their proper use also should be provided.

Sophomore nursing major Andrew Thiry said he doesn’t know where the defibrillators are, despite being a nursing major. He also said not enough people on campus would know how to use one or how to respond when an individual is experiencing cardiac arrest.

Sophomore nursing major RJ Marino said he knew where only one defibrillator was. He also said that each building and police vehicle should be equipped with defibrillators.

In a NBC story that ran Oct. 23, it was reported that Rochester, Minn., officials have installed defibrillators in every police vehicle.

They believe the program would save more lives because people who are in need of medical attention would no longer need to wait for paramedics to arrive.

Finance and Administration Vice President Amy Buxbaum said the campus Critical Response team has begun planning to train students, faculty and staff who are interested in defibrillator usages and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

More defibrillators and more people trained to use them, in addition to more community members trained on how to provide initial care would make Pitt-Johnstown a better place. Let’s do it.