Editorial: Comedy stand-in to fulfill spring

Although Pitt-Johnstown students may be disappointed in learning there will be no musical performer at the 2013 spring concert, Programming Board members have done their best to bring in a different kind of entertainer. B.J. Novak, known for his roles on “The Office” and “Inglourious Basterds,” is to perform a stand-up comedy routine at 8 p.m. Friday at the Pitt-Johnstown Sports Center.

According to Programming Board Live Entertainment Chair Luke Trotz, a comedy performance was a backup plan for music at the spring concert.

He also said concert dates could not be arranged suitably with performers’ agents.

Although Pitt-Johnstown students are used to expecting a musical performance every spring, a comedy act may be an enjoyable change, and, one that at least some students would like to see.

Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board members should not be condemned for their efforts. Their job is not an easy one.

Without deciding to cancel end-of-semester entertainment altogether, members managed to bring in a recognized comedian, filling in the gap for missing musicians.

Trotz said, due to the miscommunication that occurred when trying to schedule the 2013 spring concert, board members will be switching agents next year.

Though this is the first year Pitt-Johnstown is to have a different form of entertainment, Programming Board members showed they have the students’ entertainment interests in mind.

By bringing in a nationally known comedian instead of canceling the concert, members have shown providing entertainment and an end-of-the-year reward for students is something they put a lot of time and effort into.