Editorial: Cooperation needed for safety

After a month of investigating an attempted robbery and shooting that took place half a mile from the Pitt-Johnstown campus, Richland Township Police officers said they are missing important information from potential witnesses.

David Consiglio, 22, was shot and injured Dec. 9 in the attempted robbery.

Police have said they believe drug-dealing was going on in Consiglio’s apartment, which could be the reason some students are not fulfilling their civic duty to provide police with information on crime.

UPJ President Jem Spectar said the incidents that took place in December do not completely shatter the university’s reputation as a safe campus.

Richland Township Police Detective Kevin Lehman said he believes many UPJ students have details about the attempted robbery-shooting and are aware that police are investigating.

Lehman also said these students are not doing their part as good citizens by not offering important information.

Instead of hoping for possible Bloomfield witnesses to come forward, Richland Township police officers might receive more information by conducting more questioning throughout the apartment complex in old-fashioned knock-on-doors police work.

Witnesses may react differently if questioned directly by police and may feel more pressure to provide what they know.

Residents, on the other hand, should not wait for police to knock on their doors as they have a duty to the rest of the community to assist police in identifying and charging anyone who would level a firearm and shoot a student in the abdomen.

Together, we can all work to make our community as safe as it can be.