Editorial: Fun may be found in discounts

Campus Development Chair Stephen Torquato has teamed up with Student Government and Programming Board members to try to create weekend events for next semester.

A Student Life Office survey showed 74 percent of the 150 students who responded said there are not enough weekend events, and 92 percent said they would take part if such events were offered.

Potential events mentioned so far include movies, ice-skating and bowling.

Other events that have been considered include paintball, comedians and music.

Although the idea of increasing weekend options is a good one, Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board members could be more successful by learning from successful events they have organized in the past.

For example, students are typically interested in newer movies – the ones currently shown in theaters.

In the past, some films offered to students haven’t been up-to-date, but a recent showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” seemed promising.

It seems students have responded more to buying cheaper movie tickets on campus to see newer movies at Richland Cinemas, rather than having the movie choice narrowed down and decided for them.

It seems past events held off-campus have been more successful in terms of student participation, rather than events held on campus.

It also appears that the popular bus trips have been the ones to farther locations such as New York City, because students are more attracted to diverse locations and entertainment selected by professionals and business people.

There may be a surprisingly successful response to on-campus events selected by students because students could find it more convenient to be able to stay on campus.

Programming Board members could try to give students more selection and freedom when it comes to weekend events.

Working with area businesses to provide a wider variety of choices, rather than focusing on campus events, could be the key to increasing student weekend event participation.