Editorial: Athletes have heads-up style

Many student-athletes may claim they play a sport for fun or love of the game, while others may argue that winning is fun — but most would be hard-pressed to deny that losing is less than satisfying.

A series of losing seasons could be enough to destroy the average athlete’s morale.

However, when the Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer team faced several consecutive losing seasons, they were able to transform their frustration into motivation and started off this season with a number of impressive wins.

The team hasn’t had a winning start to a season since 2006 and won only three games last year, but this season they have already more than doubled that number.

Whether these wins stem from increased practice, newfound talent or just general disgust over a series of losing seasons, the women’s soccer team should be proud.

This is the last season that the team will compete in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, before entering the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference next year.

A winning season would not only be a rewarding departure from the current conference, it may be a preview to the team’s readiness to accept a new, more challenging conference.

Whatever the case, the Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer team deserves congratulations for stepping up their game, and fans should make it a priority to support the team.

It seems athletes’ success isn’t limited to the women’s soccer team or the field. Pitt-Johnstown student-athletes have been excelling in the classroom as well.

Last year, Pitt-Johnstown student athletes had a higher graduation rate, at 63 percent, than students overall, who were graduating at a rate of 56 percent.

Also, Pitt-Johnstown student-athletes had the highest graduation rate in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

This goes to show that the Pitt-Johnstown athletic program delivers more than just game-winning strategy. They also value higher education.

Pitt-Johnstown student-athletes should be proud of themselves for reaching these achievements and should strive to keep up the good work.