Editorial: Diversity welcomed on campus

Pitt-Johnstown students may notice a few new faces. The number of international students is climbing, and both international and Western Pennsylvania students should welcome the chance to connect with someone from a different culture.

Boasting a real world experience, it comes as no surprise that Pitt-Johnstown is becoming more open to international students.

In the real world, students will run into people from different nationalities and ethnicities.

By bringing in more international students, the Pitt-Johnstown International Services office is inadvertently developing students’ tolerance for, and understanding of foreign cultures.

In a time of a growing global economy, tolerance is a valuable skill that will allow many students to function respectfully in the world after being graduated.

Pitt-Johnstown students should count themselves lucky to have the opportunity to sit side by side with students from 13 different countries, offering 13 unique cultures.

However, Western Pennsylvania students aren’t the only ones who should benefit from the interaction. International students should also take full advantage of their opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture.

Navigating the academic halls, it is common to run across a group of internationals huddled together, seemingly oblivious to the world outside their group.

Though it may be culture shock or bashfulness preventing these students from escaping their cultural bonds, it may send the wrong message to Western Pennsylvania students.

It may not be easy to travel to another country leaving your family and friends behind, but it is important to make the most of the situation and to make an effort to accept American culture, and Pitt-Johnstown students should do their best to make that easier.

Both international and local students should go out of their way to experience something new, to make new friends and to shed some cultural stereotypes. They might find something they like — an enhancement of their education.