Editorial – Time for record voter turnout

Pitt-Johnstown’s Student Senate elections are to take place Tuesday and Wednesday.

Students may have signed the many petitions for the Senate-hopefuls.  Now it’s time to elect the senators.

In the March 21-22 presidential election, about one third of students voted.  That’s a decent turnout given a history of turnouts of less than 20 percent.

Voting has gotten easy.  It is a simple online process that requires only a few clicks.

Students don’t even have to leave their room, or their home computer, or their beds for that matter, as some students can vote via their smartphones.

This is an opportunity for students to cast their votes for the senators they want to be their representatives.

Involvement in   clubs and organizations can sway one’s vote and give students pause to think about which candidates would represent their interests.

To get their name on the ballot, a candidate must get 75 signatures, have a grade-point average above a 2.0 and have full-time student status.

And, for students who have given their John Hancock on the petitions, it’s time to make their signature count and vote for the candidates they already endorsed.

Students are to vote for 28 Student Senators.

With 50 petitions for the positions, the competition should bring out the best candidates.

Also, with so many students running, a larger percentage of students should be becoming familiar with at least a few candidates.

Pitt-Johnstown’s Student Senate has worked to get the shuttle hours extended and install Wi-Fi in more campus buildings.

This is an opportunity to bring out the best of the best, and possibly set another record – the proportion of students who vote.