Nurses aching for a new home

The Pitt-Johnstown nursing program is growing.

In fact, it’s expanding to the point where Blackington Hall sometimes seems full of white-coated students.

The medical field is steadily advancing and those striving to become nurses need to learn about up-and-coming practices and practice them.

Despite not having a Nursing building, nursing majors are working hard.

They go into hospitals to perform clinical duties and get practical experience.

However, aspiring Pitt-Johnstown nurses could use a building of their own.

Engineering students have the Engineering and Science building — an entire building designed for the work engineers do to get them ready for the real world.  It also houses labs for the natural sciences.

It seems unfit that nursing majors, who arguably fulfill some of the most vital roles in society, do not have a building in which to practice their work.

Our president, Jem Spectar, recently had a column in The Tribune-Democrat asking for community support to advocate for the University of Pittsburgh to get appropriate funding.

President Spectar points out that Pitt-Johnstown is a high-quality option, especially for local students.

And in order to acquire new buildings and other campus improvements, we must continue to gain financial support.

Places of education always could use financial support.

But for a college with a nursing program in place, it is vital for it to obtain the right resources for these students.

Pitt-Johnstown administrators have been talking about the nursing building for a while.

It is not fair for prospective students to make the choice to come to this school, thinking a new building with advanced equipment is on the way.

But it seems that the groundbreaking for the Nursing and Health Sciences Building is taking place next month, according to President Spectar’s column.

We may find that, once the building is in place and students have a place tailored to their needs, Pitt-Johnstown’s Nursing Program may take off.

A simple building may attract scores of students, by offering one more reason to attend Pitt-Johnstown over another institution.

It might be exactly what we need.