Editorial – The more the merrier for elections

The presidential campaign for Pitt-Johnstown’s Student Senate is to take place from Feb. 27 to March 9. with the election set for March 20 and 21.

But maybe the race would be better with more candidates.

As of now, the candidates running are Christian Woo and Cliff Maloney.

While both may be qualified and relatively good choices for Student Senate president, maybe our student government needs some more variety.

A student has to serve on Student Senate for one year, have a grade-point average above 2.25, acquire 250 signatures and not be president of any other organization.

All things considered, it’s kind of a lot to ask for.

Why must the person running for president meet so many requirements to be eligible for Student Senate?  The question of whether these qualifications are vital for a candidate aiming to preside over Student Senate is a matter of opinion.

For example, the requirement that candidates cannot be president of any other organization disqualifies ambitious types while intending to provide a president who is devoted to serving the student body.

Also, someone beyond the limits of the Student Senate may offer new and refreshing ideas.

There should be options when it comes to electing a leader.

It would be just as nice to have a selection of presidential candidates, if nothing more than to make a more interesting debate.

Competition can bring out the best and the worst in people.  By having more candidates in the election, we would get to see what they are all about.

It might help the Student Senate become more dynamic.  Woo and Maloney may be great candidates, but it would be interesting to see new people with new ideas and different backgrounds.

Students should consider running to make the race more interesting and give students pause when it comes time to vote.

And speaking of voting, students can do their part to get the candidate they want.

The process is simple and convenient.  Perhaps with an exciting presidential race, students will be more excited to vote.