Editorial – Programmers deserve pat on back

Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board members essentially do the job of a professional concert or event promoter, a tough and risky business in which few succeed.

They book comedians and speakers in addition to organizing major concerts.

So, it is impressive that they could obtain a Grammy-nominated, iTunes-sponsored act for this year’s spring concert – J.   Cole.

Just think, in a few years we might tell our friends we saw J. Cole in concert, if he has what it takes to make his way  into Grammy categories beyond his Best New Artist nomination this year.

It’s nice that Programming Board members are striving to determine students’ interests by conducting surveys and acknowledging the preteen crowd at last year’s performance.

But at least people could name some of Jason Derulo’s songs, and certainly his name.

With only one album released in September, J. Cole may not deliver what the Pitt-Johnstown campus is looking for.

We want to sing aloud, bob our heads and maybe dance to a familiar beat instead of mouthing a few words to one of the most popular songs that we don’t really know.

But we can’t blame the Programming Board for trying.

They accomplished the task of working to fulfill the desires of the student body while contacting celebrity performers’ agents who have better tasks awaiting them than speaking with a representative of the Pitt-Johnstown campus.

Where’s Johnstown?

Board members also have to work on a tight schedule, going down to the wire to land a performer within the budget.

If they can get 2,000 spectators in the Sports Center, consider it mission accomplished.

And opening the event to the public brings the money in – money that can be used to book next year’s performer.

So kudos to the Programming Board members for working to get J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. and giving the students what they asked for.

But maybe Shaggy would not have been a disappointment after all… wasn’t me.