Editorial – Pitt-Johnstown Wi-Fi branches out

In a world of whirlwind technological advances, it may seem unremarkable that Pitt-Johnstown is acquiring wireless Internet.

The proposed plan is to provide some residence halls with Wi-Fi.

But it is remarkable to have wireless Internet available in a commuter room, common areas and dorms.

It is notable that the rural and sometimes backwoods-feeling campus can stay on track with Pitt-Oakland in obtaining Wi-Fi.

Students might get a feeling that they are finally being heard.  Wi-Fi is in high demand, especially when places like Starbucks and McDonald’s can offer it.

Certainly a university – a place of higher education – should support wireless Internet.

The Internet is a common and vital tool in our education.  Professors use the Internet to post messages and assignments.  The university uses e-mail to send important information about meal plans and housing assignments.

It is more than convenient to make this entity of endless information available at multiple locations.

Even with new phones being introduced nearly every day, not everyone has joined Team Smartphone.  And laptops allow the luxury of a larger screen and keyboard.

Granted, Wi-Fi is pricy an estimated $1,000 per router.  And the connection is slower than the lines in the dorms.

But Pitt-Johnstown’s main objective is to educate students.  We have the Wellness Center to excerise our bodies.

But in a society where technology is constantly progressing, it is important for the university to progress with it so students can exercise their minds.

And the service is spread fairly across the students who will benefit – the freshman dorms, the Living/Learning Center and some lodges are projected to get Wi-Fi.

That covers a large number of students.  Everyone else can go to the academic buildings on campus for Wi-Fi access.

It would be nice to have campuswide wireless Internet.  But students have been requesting wireless Internet and will most likely continue to do so with the encouragement of seeing their requests carried out.