Letter – Senate progress

As student body president, I would like to review with you all the progress of the fall 2011 semester.

As a Student Government Association, we have tried to communicate with the student body to take any means possible to better the experience of each Pitt-Johnstown student.

A majority of students have requested additional parking. Through proposals from the SGA, the University has agreed to add a parking lot between Laurel Hall and the townhouse upper lot. The projected completion date is October.
Wireless internet is another frequent request from the student body, and I am pleased to announce that the University will be installing wireless services in all of the freshman common areas, the LLC (recreation room), Willow (3rd Floor Study Room), Briar (study area) and Buckhorn (study area).

The University has promised us they will have it up and running for spring break. As the SGA President, I am setting the goal of having the entire campus wireless by April 2013.

In order for the Student Government Association to work with the student body, the committee structure has been rearranged to allow a much clearer vision. The committee structure is now as follows:

-Campus Relations
-Commuter Relations
-Food Services
-International Relations
-Recreation and Publicity
-Student Affairs and Campus Development
-Student Policies

As always, I encourage suggestions, comments, and concerns from the student body and others of our University. Please feel free to voice your comments to me or any of the senators. I can be reached via email at [email protected]

Cliff Maloney Jr.
SGA President