Letter – Transgender rights

I wish to commend Ronald Moose for his excellent letter in the Oct. 26 issue of the Advocate. There are many of us who stand in solidarity to the Occupy Wall Street protests. To the UPJ community I wish to say that injustice can be found everywhere. I was recently forbidden use of the men’s locker room here on campus, because I am transgendered. They gave me an “it” room to change in! I hoped this would be a temporary solution, while the University educated the campus community. This didn’t happen.

I don’t believe in bigotry and hatred against transfolk, so I returned to the men’s locker room. It was the small choice of where to shower and change my clothes. For Rosa Parks it was only the choice of a bus seat. To the cowards who informed on me because I was making them “uncomfortable,” do you also want blacks, Chinese, Jews, and foreigners to change in segregation? Fellow students, actions for or against justice are made one at a time, all the time. Which side are you on?

-Seamus Johnston