Letter – Join the occupation

Dear Pitt-Johnstown campus:

We sit at the brink of revolution, a revolution started by people like you and me. But what I notice on campus is that not many of us know what that is. I hope I can enlighten you on the Occupy Wall Street Protest occurring across the globe! It’s a protest that highlights the injustices of the corporate and banking sectors of America and abroad. Those are the same people who have taken taxpayer money to pay CEO bonuses in failing, “too big to fail,” banking establishments. Those 1 percent of individuals hold 50 percent of the wealth in this country. We, the 99 percent, are beginning to stand together and our collective voice will not be muted. So will you stand with us 99 percent? Where will you be for the revolution? For any further information contact me at (814) 525-9851, or [email protected]

-Ronald Moose