Editorial – Renovations only a start for UPJ’s needs

Upon returning to Pitt-Johnstown, students and faculty inspect the campus to see what has changed, and this year there have been changes.

Biddle Hall was supposed to be the most extensive renovation that seems to have turned into more of a makeover.

The addition of Jazzman’s Café and Bakery to Biddle’s lobby is a forehead-slapping move that makes sense, and, thus far, it seems successful, judging by the line of folks waiting for their brews and baked goods.

The Biddle makeover also includes new carpet of alternating blue- and brown-striped squares in the hallways, some redone stairwells and fitted wooden benches.

In fact, parts of the makeover are so nice that it is difficult to remember the old Biddle until one enters the restrooms or the stairwell nearest the Student Union.  The professors’ offices also appear untouched.

And what about the roof?  Remember the garbage and plastic that were a fixture in the hall in Biddle for a solid week catching the drop onset by springtime?

Speaking of drips, the Wellness Center’s roof has been leaking for about a year now, and it has only existed for that long.

Also new this year is a green area that was formed from space formerly occupied by a maintenance shed.

Many of us wonder why all that space has turned into an unused park-like area that could be parking spaces for the Student Union, library or lodges.

We are heading in the right direction.  The Wellness Center is a great place to exercise, and the renovations have definitely improved the look and vibe of one of our halls of learning.

It is fulfilling to see our tuition dollars put toward tangible additions that we can use, such as more seats in the Student Union and the new weights in the Wellness Center.

However, instead of focusing on outer beauty to attract new students, Pitt-Johnstown should go more than skin deep and invest in the needs and interests of the students who have actually chosen our school.