Shelter-in-place order implemented on campus

Alyssa Coleman, Features Editor

In order to help protect students and keep a safe environment during COVID-19 for the remainder of the semester, a shelter-in-place order has been implemented at Pitt-Johnstown.

The shelter-in-order was implemented at all Pitt regional campuses beginning April 16 at 7 am.

According to Student Affairs vice president Chris Stumpf, students should only leave their rooms or apartments when necessary.

He said Pitt-Johnstown gets its guidance from the COVID Medical Response office in Pittsburgh.

“ During the shelter-in-place period, you should only leave your room or apartment to attend classes, labs, internships, or clinicals in-person; pick up food; exercise safely (the Wellness Center will be open regular hours with smaller capacity limits); work when necessary; and shop for essentials and medical needs,” he said.

“Campus computer labs will be open during shelter-in-place. Getting tested for COVID-19 or receiving a vaccine are considered essential activities and are approved reasons to leave your residences. Group work for classes should be done virtually.”

No visitors are permitted in residence facilities during shelter-in-place and no gatherings are permitted.

The only exception to the no visitors rule is move-out day for students. One guest may help a student move out, but all safety protocols must be followed.

Stumpf said campus dining will remain open, but for takeout only and from PJ’s and orders will need to be placed via the Boost app for the Tuck Shop/Pitt Stop.

In an email sent out to students from the COVID-19 Medical Response Office, the shelter-in-place order was implemented in an effort to minimize the risk of viral transmission maximize the health and safety of students, staff and faculty.

The email said that even if a student has been fully vaccinated or diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last three months, the student is still asked to shelter-in-place.

Face coverings are still required on campus as well as social distancing and maintaining proper hand hygiene.