Students can still have fun safely

Alyssa Coleman, Editor-in-Chief

Even though COVID-19 has impacted many events and activities that were scheduled to take place this school year, Program Board members have found a way for students to participate in activities while still being safe.

Program Board president Emily Williams said events are still being scheduled, but ones that can easily be held online will be.

“Examples would be like comedians, paint nights and speaker,” she said. “This year so far we’ve held things such as online murder mysteries, comedians Eric O’Shea and Jen Kober and a paint night.”

Williams said students must register online for the events and any student from any University of Pittsburgh campus is welcome to join.

Students can register at the events calendar at

She said the limit for students attending online events is between 300-500 students and so far the number of attending students is between 20-100.

She also said the annual pumpkin hunt, where students can hunt for pumpkins in exchange to win prizes, will be taking place and may take place as it normally does in-person.

“We are trying to figure out a way for remote students to participate, but we are not sure if that is possible yet.”

Williams said she encourages any students with ideas about online events they would like to have to contact her or any member of Program Board.