Police chief bids campus farewell

Callie Burgan

Police Chief Eric Zangaglia has resigned after 15 years of serving the Pitt-Johnstown community, according to Police Sgt. Nancy Turner.

Zangaglia played a role in establishing an awareness and understanding of personal safety within the student population.

President Jem Spectar said the Pitt-Johnstown community wishes to express profound gratitude to Chief Zangaglia for his many years of high-quality service.

“Thanks to his leadership in collaboration with his colleagues and members of our campus community, Chief Zangaglia has worked hard to ensure that the campus has been one of the safest places to study, live, learn and play.”

According to the Pitt-Johnstown website, Zangaglia served as a member of the campus’s critical incident response team. 

Zangaglia was the senior officer for equity and inclusion and conducted officer training sessions on culturally sensitive issues and interpersonal development.

An alumnus of Pitt-Johnstown with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Zangaglia also earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a master’s in criminal justice. 

His career has included law enforcement and security positions at St. Francis University, College Misericordia, Penn State’s Wilkes-Barre campus, Indiana Hospital and the Upper Yoder Township Police Department.

Turner said Zangalia started as a sargent in 2005 before being promoted to associate chief and then chief.

According to Turner, Zangaglia resigned his position to pursue a career outside of law enforcement.

“He left on good terms and everything. 

“I’ve been working with him at Pitt-Johnstown for the past 15 years, and I’ll miss him,” Turner said.

Turner said officer Daniel Dunn is to serve as interim police chief until a permanent replacement is found.