Proposed budget is to be unveiled

Callie Burgan

Club and organization members are to find out how much funding they are to receive this coming school year at an upcoming budget meeting, according to student government secretary Michaela McKay.

Proposed allocations from Student Activity Fee proceeds are to be announced March 2 in the Student Union’s Cambria Room.

In 2019, club budgets were finalized April 1, but had to be tabled due to a technicality, according to an April 9 Advocate issue.

“This year, allocations committee members did our best to provide every club and organization with the tools that they would need to complete the budgeting process,” McKay said.

“Each member is in charge of a certain number of clubs and organizations. 

“Now that all of the budgets are completed and turned in, we will work together to divide and conquer final steps,” McKay said.

“I think the best way to relay information to campus community members would be to attend our upcoming meeting. 

“It’s difficult to relay any information at the moment, as we are working very hard to ensure that budgeting is feasible. 

 “Our meetings are open forum, meaning if students have any questions they can be asked at the end,” McKay said.

Past student government allocations decisions have been controversial.

Some clubs or organizations have received large sums, while others are shortchanged.

Some organizations receive less money than they have historically and are forced to hold fundraisers to keep doing what they have traditionally done.