No one in line at counseling center

Callie Burgan, News Editor

The waiting list for Pitt-Johnstown’s counseling services is no more, according to Health and Counseling Executive Director Shelley Peruso.

“I’m so happy to say that the waiting list has been eliminated.

“Students who were on the waiting list at the end of last semester have been contacted by our secretary and invited to schedule an appointment,” Peruso said.

“We were able to make this happen by going to an alternate pattern of scheduling every other week in some cases.  

“I’m hoping that a waiting list will be unnecessary as the semester moves forward.

“We are in the final stages of our search for another counselor, and I am hopeful that we will extend an offer soon.” Peruso said.

Peruso said hiring graduate intern Caitlin Scanlon for the spring 2020 semester has helped to diminish the counseling services waiting list.

Scanlon said she has been able to contribute 20-25 hours each week at the counseling office.

“A few of the students I met with were on the wait list when I started, and I am pleased to help these students and the Health and Counseling Center.

“Students are now able to stop in the counseling office and schedule an appointment to be seen within the week.” Scanlon said.

Scanlon said as a student, she found the counseling center to be an asset to her mental health.

“I recall being a commuter at Pitt-Johnstown and utilizing the counseling office myself.

 “Being able to receive mental health care on campus is a blessing that I am happy to help facilitate.” Scanlon said.

According to Student Affairs Vice President Chris Stumpf, adjusting the scheduling pattern for appointments has been helpful in diminishing the waiting list.

“In addition, we are set to hire a new counselor within the next semester if all goes as planned.

“These improvements are aiding the Health and Counseling Center by making it a more efficient environment for students to go for mental health assistance.” Stumpf said.