Club budgets to go online


Maya French

Student organization members attended a budgeting process meeting Jan. 26.

Callie Burgan, News Editor

Starting this semester, the budgeting process for Pitt-Johnstown student organizations is to be completed online, according to Student Government Association Treasurer Olivia Albert.

“The budgeting process itself remains the same as it has in years past in regard to the content, but the format in which it is completed has been altered,” Albert said.

“Club and organization members who attended one of the two offered budgeting meetings hosted by the Student Government Association were provided with the necessary information to be successful through the budgeting process.  

“This is the first year in which the budgeting process has been available to complete in the online format.” Albert said.

Albert said there are benefits associated with the budgeting process update.

“Some benefits include easy accessibility for club officers and advisers and the ability to add information as needed to the online submission DropBox.

“There is also the ability for the allocations committee and club and organization members to work closely with one another online if there is not an opportunity to meet in person due to scheduling conflicts. 

“Along with these other benefits, this online format takes out the possibility for human error with the transfer of paper documents. 

 “Budgets in the past have typically been composed of many pages which leads to the chance of papers being misplaced or rearranged upon transportation from one location to another.

 “This decision was made by the allocations committee of the Student Government Association along with the help of our adviser, Heather Hall. 

“This process was carefully orchestrated in order to provide a positive experience for all clubs and organizations on campus.” Albert said.

According to Student Government Association Vice President Tessa Fry, the budgeting process is to remain the same with the exception of the online submission feature.

“The process is now just simpler and more user friendly.  

This is the first year for this type of budgeting program.” Fry said.

Student organization members are to be assigned a Student Government Association representative from the allocations committee for information and additional budgeting assistance.

Budgets are to be turned in through the online DropBox by Feb. 14. 

Late budgets are to be accepted through Feb. 17 with a 50% allocations cut.

Pitt-Johnstown Activities and Engagement Director Heather Hall did not respond for comment.