Tutor pay hike is approved


Leanna Noon

Peer tutors had a training day to prepare for the spring 2019 academic semester. Starting spring 2020, tutors will gain an opportunity to attend a training workshop series for a pay increase.

Callie Burgan, News Editor

A pay increase has been approved for Academic Success Center peer tutors for the first time since 2006, according to Tutoring Coordinator Leanna Noon.

Tutors are to receive an additional 25 cents per hour as well as an opportunity to attend a workshop series to earn an additional 25 cents per hour.

“The Pitt-Johnstown tutoring program fulfills a very important academic support role for Pitt-Johnstown students,” Noon said.

According to Noon, during the fall semester, 886 students used tutoring 4,313 times.

“This means that 36% of the entire study body accessed tutoring in just 15 weeks. 

“While tutoring services continue to be very highly utilized, the number of peer tutors has declined, especially in high-need areas. 

“One major concern was that tutor wages were not competitive with other student employment opportunities,” Noon said.

The tutors had been paid $7.25 an hour.

“Prior to the 2019-20 academic year, tutor wages had not been increased since 2006. 

“Meanwhile, the pay rate for Federal Work Study positions was increased in 2014, meaning that workers in those positions were paid at a rate higher than peer tutors. 

 “It is our hope that the competitive wages will help to ensure that the peer tutoring program remains an attractive employment option for students.

“Without students willing to become peer tutors, we will not be able to staff this important program.” Noon said.

Sophomore Julia Seymour said although she is looking forward to the pay raise, she became a tutor for more than just a paycheck.

“As a commuter, just having some type of income really helps with paying for gas and groceries for the week. 

“However, I became a tutor because I truly want to see the students succeed and do well in their classes. 

“I am Dr. Walstad’s Physics 1 supplemental instructor, and I really enjoy getting to know the students and seeing their own personal growth.” Seymour said.

Junior Alexandra Belgiovane said she believes the Academic Success Center is a way for students to give back to others.

“I became a tutor because it is really rewarding to see the subject material click for someone and help build their confidence on the subject.

“The additional pay raise only adds to my belief that tutoring is an excellent campus employment option.” Belgiovane said.

In order to be eligible to be a tutor, a student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have earned a B+ or better in the course in which they would like to tutor.

Students interested in peer tutoring positions should contact Leanna Noon by email at [email protected]