Athletic teams to have a new look

Justin Schmithorst, Opinions Editor

Much like Pitt-Oakland’s athletic design overhaul, Pitt-Johstown’s teams are to receive one as well.

Back in April, Pitt-Oakland administrators changed the school colors from navy blue and gold to  royal blue and yellow, which were the initial school’s initial colors before the 1990s.

This color change can be seen in the bookstore in the Student Union, where merchandise having the royal blue and yellow color scheme is on display, while the navy blue and gold have been phased out.

However, Pitt-Johnstown has not updated athlete uniforms yet, as the sports teams are still competing in the darker colors.

According to Student Affairs Vice President Chris Stumpf, the retro colors are not the whole story.

“There have been many other changes in logos and colors that were implemented at Pitt (Oakland) this summer and fall that are being rolled out at the regional campuses as well,” Sumpf said.

Stumpf said that the athletic teams’ uniforms need to be replaced anyhow, and that they will use the opportunity to feature the newer colors, a different font and updated logos.

Primarily working on the overhaul, however, is not Stumpf but Communications and Public Relations Executive Director Eric Sloss.

Sloss said that he is leading the design of a new Mountain Cat logo, and that he is working with his peers at Pitt-Oakland for consultation and direction.

(The) Pitt-Oakland Athletics Department and the University Marketing Communications Department at Pitt-Oakland are an integral partner on how we develop Pitt-Johnstown’s athletic brand,” Sloss said.

In addition, Sloss said that the new font has already been created, and the priority was for it to be legible in digital media, and that he liked the retro colors and the new font.

“I like the new brand and colors for athletics. They are throwback colors to another era. They brings a sense of nostalgia but the colors are vibrant and the fonts are contemporary, which adds an exciting element,” Sloss said.