Recycling seems ineffective


Justin Schmithorst

Junior Brennan Brokaw recycles in the pale blue bins near the Summit townhouse Sunday. Brokaw said that this was his first time using the bins, because he thought that the bins were mailing bins as opposed to recycling bins.

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

Small blue recycling bins are in most Pitt-Johnstown residence halls huddled in small corners, but they are largely unused by students.

Campus recycling has changed this semester as new campaigns have started and recycling centers have switched their policies.

Housing and Dining Executive Director Bob Knipple said that the campus’ current recycling provider has stopped accepting certain materials.

“Paper items like tissues, paper towels, shredded paper, and sheets of paper smaller (than the standard letter size) are no longer recycled by our provider.

“The blue containers are now only used for full sheets of paper and magazines and newspapers.”

However, Knipple said, if students need larger recycling for different items, such as boxes, arrangements can be made.

Knipple also said Sodexo has launched a new campaign to encourage recycling by students.

“The ‘Bring Back the Bottle’ campaign was launched by Sodexo to encourage recycling of (certain types) plastic bottles.

“This initiative does not include glass, aluminum, or (some kids of plastic bottles).”

Sodexo Cashier Tyler Brown said, however, that he hasn’t had many students give him some items to recycle.

“I have rarely been given anything to recycle.

“We have our own recycling cans that we use, but glass bottles and plastic containers (for salad) go right in the trash.”

Brown said he doesn’t think it’s students being careless, but rather they simply don’t know.

“Most people don’t know that we even take recycling.” 

Senior accounting student Jarod Turner confirmed Brown’s notion saying he was unaware of Sodexo’s campaign.

“I didn’t know you could take recycling to cashiers.”

Turner also said that the recycling bins near him could be less confusing.

“Having three seperate containers gets confusing. Having one big container would be the best to put all my recycling.”