Admissions office is understaffed

Robert Landis , Staff Writer

Among a flurry of rings from telephones and click clacks on computer keyboards, the frantic movement of admissions office staff fill a small room in the last three weeks.

It is due to busyness in the office that University President Jem Spectar has been moving staff from other positions in an effort to boost recruiting efforts.

Admissions Support Staff Member Pam Penazter said the last few weeks have been hectic for admissions staff.

“(We’ve been) really busy.  We’ve had people all over scrambling for the things that need to get done.”

However, Penazter was hesitant to speak on why admissions needs the support.

“That is something you’d have to speak to (Therese) Grimes about. But she’s been so in and out of the office lately with her already stacked workload.”

Admissions Director Therese Grimes was not available for comment.

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center Executive Director Michael Bodolosky was reportedly annoyed with the recent transfer of his assistant from the center into the Admissions office.

Bodolosky did not respond for comment.

Fearing for her coworkers stress, creative writing and English literature student Kylie Claycomb spoke her own frustrations with staff movement.

“(One of my coworkers in the Financial Aid Office) has been assigned additional responsibilities within the Admissions Office on top of her regular workload. 

“It’s just frustrating that these positions aren’t offered to university staff looking to choose to move departments; these moves are thrust upon unsuspecting people without their approval.

 “I think that she would be afraid to speak up personally and risk some sort of retribution.”