Center renovation begins at age 25


Matt Churella

The Living/Learning Center is set to be renovated for the next 16 months.

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

The Living/Learning Center is undergoing renovation, and, according to Housing Director Bob Knipple, that renovation is not to be completed until January 2021.

Renovation includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, as well as replacing bathroom fixtures, drywall and carpets.

Due to the renovation, Knipple said only about half of the Living/Learning Center is being occupied by students.

“A buildingwide renovation for the (Living/Learning Center) has been in the discussion and planning stage for a while and was tentatively scheduled to begin next year,” Knipple said.

“Because we had to take some of the rooms offline due to moisture issues, the decision was made to accelerate the project and kick it off this year, instead.”

Last fall, the Living/Learning Center was one of several buildings on campus affected by mold issues.

The mold issues were due to problems with the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Knipple said this will be the first large scale renovation since the building opened in 1994.

“The north towers will undergo renovation this academic year, with the south towers slated to be renovated next year.

“During the closure, Maple Hall will be used as an upper-class residence hall to accommodate for the temporary loss of beds in the (Living/Learning Center).”

This year, 99 rooms are unavailable, as well as the rooms currently under construction.

In an email sent to residents in April, Knipple said rooms 136 through 168, excluding room 167, would be tripled and offered at a reduced rate. 

In addition, the email said that private rooms, which are not required as part of a medical accommodation, were to be greatly limited if any were available.

The laundry room, bridge and central common areas of all three floors were to remain open.

According to Knipple, due to only half of the Living/Learning Center being occupied this academic year, the Varsity Café will remain closed.

“The Varsity Café will not be open during the building renovations. However, there will be some special dining events held in the venue throughout the year,” he said.