Mail package notices go electronic

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

A new way of notifying students that they have received a package has been introduced this academic year.

Instead of going to their mailboxes and checking for a slip to see whether they received packages, students now receive an email notification if any mail has arrived on campus for them.

Information Technology Associate Vice President Jeff Sernell said he and other Information Technology Department members thought the new system would help students.

“I’ve seen students walk by the office, receive their notification, and instantly turn around and pick up their packages,” he said.  

“We wanted to make it easier to notify students about their packages and inform them when it gets there. We want to provide the best customer service that we can.”

Senior Vivian Jones said she thinks the new system is a good idea.

“It’s good because you know exactly when the package has arrived and you’re not left wondering if it came or not,” she said. 

“It’s more convenient for students.”

Unlike last year, commuter students do not have their own mailboxes, and many students who live on campus do not have the same mailbox that they did in previous years, which Jones said is making things a little confusing.

Jones said students who ordered things over the summer who had their packages being sent to their old mailboxes are now having their packages sent back, or their packages are stuck in the mailroom while being sorted out trying to find the proper recipient because the name on the package does not match the name attached to the mailbox.

 “I think it’s confusing at first, but after things get sorted out, the system will be even better.”