Administrator files for city council


Matt Churella

Career Services Director Sherri Rae is one of six candidates who submitted 100 signatures to run for Johnstown City Council.

Matt Churella, Editor-in-Chief

Career Services Director Sherri Rae has taken a significant step toward filling one of Johnstown City Council’s two open spots.

Council members Charlene Stanton and Jack Williams did not submit petitions to run for re-election.

“I’m 77 now, and I’ve got some health issues I’m going to take care of,” Williams said.

“If things were more positive, or if I felt we could get more done, I may have considered it again, but it’s an uphill battle. It’s nice that there are people interested.”

Rae, along with John DeBartola, Michael Capriotti and Ralph Chiodo, are all running as Democrats in the May 21 primary election.

Donald Buday is also running as a Democrat, and Charles Arnone is running as a Republican for the two open council seats.

Rae said she has been inspired to make positive change in Johnstown after living in the area for almost 18 years.

“I’ve been very active in the community during that time,” Rae said.

“Through a lot of the organizations I’m involved with, I’ve gotten to know the major players in town.”

One of the town’s major players, Johnstown Mayor Frank Janakovic, said he would like the two new council members to have fresh ideas of how to bring the city into a more positive light.

“We need some young blood on council and in our city, so I strongly support her,” he said of Rae’s run for council.

“There’s not only (people on) council, but hundreds of people looking to improve the city, move our city forward. We don’t need to project a negative image of the city outward.”

Rae said one of the problems she sees about the current council members is that not everyone wants to work together.

“You can disagree, but you can disagree in a way that will still get things done,” she said.

“I want to take the time to really dig in and look at the Home Rule Charter and just make sure that we’re doing things to the best of our abilities to move forward and not get (stuck) in the past.

“I feel like I have a perspective that can be helpful.

“I at least want to have the opportunity to try.”