Fizzling wires cause power outage


Mary-Lynn Retassie

A Richland Township firetruck drives down Townhouse pathways last Thursday after wires sparked inside the attic of Woodland Manor apartment 7.

Rachel Logan, Copy Editor

Sirens blared on Theatre Drive close to 5 p.m. Thursday as seven firetrucks, an ambulance and multiple Richland Township Fire Department SUVs responded to sparking wires inside the attic area of Woodland Manor apartment 7.

Resident Bri Mayer said that she didn’t hear anything inside the apartment, and she didn’t smell anything, either. 

“It was just on the roof. There was literally no fire,” Mayer said.

Resident Kayla Johnson said she was in class when she heard about the incident. She joined a crowd of more than 40 students, resident assistants and administrators in clusters around the townhouse area.

Woodland Manor 8 resident Eddie Fitzpatrick said he heard loud cracking noises from inside his apartment but didn’t smell any smoke until he got outside.

Fitzpatrick said Friday that the power went out in all of Woodland Manor, but no fire alarm sounded. He said someone called campus police, and a campus police officer came and knocked on all Woodland Manor doors.

President Jem Spectar said the many fire department vehicles were part of the standard response to any possible fire.

“At first, no one was sure. I’m just glad everyone’s safe,” Spectar said.

Campus police issued an emergency notification around 5:25 p.m. which said that there was a fire at Woodland Manor, and fire responders were on the scene. 

Five minutes later, a second notification said that the fire had been cleared, however, no fire ever broke out.