Charging station to be added soon


Mary-Lynn Retassie

Senior Patrick Stahl charges his iPad at the charging station in the commuter lounge in the Student Union Feb. 1. An additional charging station is to be added to the Tuck Shop seating area in the Student Union this week.

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

Pitt-Johnstown students, staff and faculty are to have an opportunity to recharge electronic devices at a new charging station to be added in the Student Union.

At a Jan. 28 student government meeting, President Sam Miller announced the additional station.

Student government members voted on where the charging station should be placed.  Other places that were suggested included the Wellness Center, Blackington Hall’s lobby and Owen Library.

According to Student Affairs Vice President Chris Stumpf, the first charging station was placed in the Student Union commuter lounge last summer.

“It was last spring when we decided to name that room the commuter lounge,” Stumpf said.  “Last summer, we added the lockers and charging station for students.”

Freshman Alexis Miller said she finds the commuter lounge charging station useful.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Alexis Miller said.  “I’ve used it multiple times. It’s easier than dragging a charger around and trying to find a spot to plug it in.”

Housing and Dining Services Executive Director Bob Knipple said the idea for installing the commuter lounge station came from commuters who couldn’t stop by their rooms during the day to charge their phones.

He also said the commuter lounge is accessible to all students and not just commuters.

For the second Student Union charger, Knipple said it would be located in the food court area.

“I was able to secure another smaller station, and worked with (student government) to identify an installation location,” Knipple said.  

“I am continuing to work with (student government) to discuss additional charging station needs down the road.”

Knipple said he hopes to have the second charging station installed by this week.