Sodexo officials offer new choices


Mary-Lynn Retassie

Junior Daniel Frishkorn visits the Student Union dining hall pasta bar Jan. 24.

Lauren Moore, Contributing Writer

Sodexo, the Pitt-Johnstown food-service provider, has introduced cafeteria changes this semester that seem popular with at least some customers.

Sodexo General Manager Jim Butler oversaw three changes: a made-to-order pizza bar, a made-to-order pasta station and a soup bar.

“The food program here needed to be more invigorated,” Butler said.

“Students have seemed very positive,” Butler said of the changes.  “All feedback has been good and really appreciated.”

In addition, dinner is being served at the Living/Learning Center cafeteria and meal plan options have been added.

“I am very excited to see these changes and how positive they have been, not only for myself, but for other students as well,” said Kaitlynn Hores. 

Hores is a member of the vendor relations subcommittee of the Student Government Association. 

“It is very self-rewarding knowing my fellow members and I have strived for these changes,” she said.

Comments were positive, too, at the Student Union cafeteria’s Jan. 15 dinner.

Student Caiden Landis said he was excited about the made-to-order pizza bar.

 “I like pizza a lot, so hearing about this new made-to-order pizza bar has me really excited,” Landis said. His roommate, Jarod Jakubick, said he was excited about the new addition.