Fundraisers to benefit Polar Plunge

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

Student government members are to be hosting fundraisers in the coming weeks for their participation in the Pittsburgh Polar Plunge.

The Polar Plunge is an event in which people jump into icy water to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics. It is to take place Feb. 23.

According to student government member Madison Kriak, student government members raise money for the plunge every year.

“We send at least 10 members every year to attend who have to raise a minimum of $35 each,” Kriak said.

“The fundraisers that student government (members are) planning or organizing are for our club members to reach that $35 goal.”

One of the fundraisers that is to be held has people eating at Applebee’s along Galleria Drive, and 15 percent of the overall cost is to be donated toward student government members’ involvement in the plunge.

According to student government member Megan Orange, the Applebee’s event is to be held Feb. 11.

“We will be printing out flyers and distributing them on campus and throughout Richland Township,” Orange said.  “Anyone can participate.”

Orange said for student government members to receive the money, individuals who participate must take a physical copy of the flyer to the restaurant.

 “You can’t take a picture of it on your phone or just mention that you have seen it.”

Another fundraiser student government members hope to have is a penny war, involving students choosing their favorite Sodexo meals.

According to Kriak, the idea for the penny war is the names of the top two or three most popular Sodexo meals will be presented on paper, and students can give change to vote for their favorite.

“Once tallied up at the end, the meal with the most amount of money will be the featured meal on (a set) day,” Kriak said.

Another fundraiser that is being planned is a hot chocolate sale in the Student Union.

The penny war and hot chocolate fundraisers have yet to be approved by Sodexo officials.

Orange said that there are 10 student government members signed up to participate in the plunge this year.

“We have raised approximately $800 so far,” Orange said.  “Any additional money we raise goes straight to the plunge as well.”

Student government President Sam Miller said that, for a fundraiser to be approved by student government, interested senators must have their fundraiser passed by a majority vote at a student government meeting.

“For the Polar Plunge, senators primarily collect donations on their own since each participating person needs to raise a certain amount to go,” Miller said.  “To help our senators reach their goal, we are holding a few fundraisers.”

The Polar Plunge is to be held near Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.