Flowers, chocolate to support sick


Jenn Kush

An O’Shea’s chocolate daffodil can be purchased for $1 as part of the Daffodil Days fundraiser. | Photo courtesy of Jenn Kush

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

A Pitt-Johnstown staff member is hosting a fundraiser this semester to raise money for cancer patients.

Daffodil Days is an upcoming fundraiser in which people can order chocolate daffodils or real flowers, and all the money raised is to be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Facilities Management Department Operation Coordinator Jackie Ivock said she conducts the fundraiser by herself on campus, with the exception of several sudent employees who help once orders are delivered.

“I do it solely myself on campus,” Ivock said.  “I distribute the flyers, emails, follow-ups, flowers and work with the Business Office to disburse funds to The American Cancer Society.”

The donations that are raised for the cancer society cover lodging for those who travel for treatment, free transportation to and from appointments and a 24-hour contact service with trained specialists.

Items that can be ordered are O’Shea’s milk chocolate daffodils, 10-stem bunches of real flowers and potted mini-daffodils.  

Additionally for purchase are Gifts of Hope, which are daffodils that, once purchased, are delivered to local hospital patients.

“The daffodil was selected because it is a symbol of spring and hope in the fight against cancer,” Ivock said.

Cancer society volunteers deliver the flowers to local hospital patients once orders arrive.

Community Development Manager Jenn Kush said the fundraiser is a great way to get the community involved.

“We have many ways for the community to get involved,” Kush said.  “Daffodil Days is a great way for us to reach out to various groups, businesses and schools within the county to have them participate and donate.”

Anyone interested in ordering candy or flowers can do so by filling out an order form on one of the flyers distributed on campus, or by contacting Ivock directly.

Orders are due by Feb. 15 and should arrive by March 21. 

If available, extras can be purchased on the day of delivery.