Plunge to benefit Special Olympics

Alyssa Coleman, News Editor

Student government members are participating in an event that is to help raise money for the Special Olympics.

The annual Pittsburgh Polar Plunge is to take place Feb. 23 at Heinz Field, and student senators are forming a team and participating.

According to student government President Sam Miller, the event is held in multiple places across the country where people sign up, raise money and jump into cold water.

The Pittsburgh event is to benefit the Special Olympics Pennsylvania chapter.

“To make a team, you need 10 people, and, so far, seven signed up,” Miller said.

“Anybody who signs up should raise $35 if they would like to participate.”

Student government Vice President Gretchen Shepard, who was in charge of the team last year, said she enjoys participating and plans on going again this year.

“Participating is a simple and good thing to do,” Shepard said.

“I like to volunteer for the Special Olympics because my cousin is a special-education teacher, and it is a great cause to participate in.”

According to Shepard, student government members signed up as a Cool School Team, so students and faculty members help win awards and prizes for fundraising.

The money raised through the Polar Plunge is to benefit Special Olympics athletes and their families, and covers the athletes’ entry fee for events.

Student government members are to be holding fundraisers during the spring semester to help raise money for the Polar Plunge.

Student government senator Megan Orange, who is in charge of this year’s team, says it is her first time participating in the event.

“I’m in charge of things like getting people to sign up, fundraising and registration the day of the event,” Orange said. “This is a good cause that can use our help.”