23 students still live in mold exile

Matt Churella, News Editor

According to an Oct. 25 campuswide email, 14 of 16 Living/Learning Center rooms still remain vacant because of extensive water infiltration.

Students who had resided in those rooms prior to an Oct. 7 relocation are still living in alternative housing facilities.

The email states the Living/Learning Center’s air quality had never been unsafe to its residents’ lives.

“At no time was the air quality in the building at unsafe levels. The visible mold that was discovered was removed,” the email states.

“We are in close communication with the students living in the hall, and we have provided alternative living options for any student requesting it as well as other amenities to get by during this transition. 

“We are working closely with (Pitt-Oakland)’s Environmental Health and Safety Department and other experts in the field.”

The email’s authorship was unclear.

Student Affairs Vice President Christian Stumpf said 23 students are still residing in alternative housing facilities.

He also said there are no students living at the Quality Inn hotel along Theatre Drive.

Stumpf said he does not know how long the cleaning process for the 14 rooms will be.

“They had to be torn apart pretty extensively,” Stumpf said of the Living/Learning Center’s affected rooms. “They’re under construction at this point.”