Members to receive a one-stop spot

Matt Churella, News Editor

For nearly three years, John Ziats has been the go-to person for student organizations’ budgets and funding concerns, a responsibility that now belongs to Campus Activities and Engagement Director Heather Hall.

Ziats said he was also responsible for fundraising aspects, assisting students with trips and placing orders for supplies and equipment.

However, he said he is still going to be working in Student Affairs.

“I will still be involved in the process, but in different areas. I am always available if students have questions, or if I can assist them in any way,” Ziats said.

Hall said Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks did not want organization leaders to feel any impact in services when positions were unfilled.

Hall said that was why Ziats served as a budget administrator before Hall started working at Pitt-Johnstown this year.

“Student organizations (now) have a one-stop shop for fundraising, programming, event support, leadership development, marketing and club management,” she said.

Ziats said he thinks having these responsibilities managed at the Student Union’s Student Leadership Suite would make organization leaders’ jobs easier.

“That should make it easier for students to be able to have their needs managed in one area,” he said.

The suite also contains Programming Board and student government’s offices. Hall serves as an adviser to both organizations.

Programming Board Vice President Angel Walters said she is looking forward to working with Hall next academic year.

“(Hall’s) perspective and astounding energy have been the foundation for so many great activities this year, and I genuinely feel like no one else could do what (Hall) does for (Pitt-Johnstown’s students).

“She’s been supremely beneficial to all of the spheres she influences, and I think she’s just beginning to show us what she can do,” Walters said.

Hall said she is appreciative of everyone’s support as she transitioned to Pitt-Johnstown.

She also said she is looking into ways to make her schedule more accessible to groups.

“I look forward to my second year on campus (when) I can build on the relationships I currently have and get to know the clubs more.”