Students upset over no cancellation


Matt Churella

Physical Plant employee Taylor Slagle shovels snow March 21 from the steps near a Student Union entrance.

Matt Churella, News Editor

Some students used social media last Wednesday to offer opinions to Pitt-Johnstown’s student government about campus snow removal.

A poll on student government’s Twitter account received 621 votes, of which, 89 percent voted no to their question: “Do you think maintenance did a sufficient job at snow removal today?”

Student government officials are to notify administrators of the poll results.

Physical Plant employee Taylor Slagle was outside around 1 p.m. last Wednesday at the Student Union’s ground floor entrance door shoveling snow.

Slagle said it does not matter to him if the campus would have been closed because he would have been working regardless.

“I know Physical Plant (staff are) doing the best they can,” Slagle said.

Senior Nicole Kelly said the university should have been closed if it lacked maintenance staff.

“I don’t think it’s maintenance (workers’) fault, I do believe if they don’t have enough staff to keep up with the snow, then they should’ve canceled,” Kelly said.

Sophomore Brianna Facciani agreed.

“The 4 p.m. closing on Tuesday showed that (Pitt-Johnstown administrators were) aware of the impending weather (that was) to come, which is why the lack of a cancellation (Wednesday was) appalling, since conditions (were) much, much worse,” Facciani said.

She said that, even though she has winter tires on her vehicle, the amount of snow on the roads made her commute to campus more challenging and dangerous.

Facciani said she fell on campus last Wednesday on the walkway from Biddle Hall to Owen Library.

“The fact that everybody knew about this storm days in advance just proves how understaffed the maintenance workers are at (Pitt-Johnstown).”