Club issues reach student leaders


Tyler McNulty

Kappa Delta Rho brothers (left-right) Carmen Spica, Tyler Holland and Scott Strain attend a Jan. 16 student government group night.

Tyler McNulty, Editor-in-Chief

Student government members have been welcoming other organization members to their meetings in an attempt to connect with more students.

Student Government Executive Board member Sam Miller proposed the idea.

“I wanted to give specific groups a reason to attend (student government meetings),” Miller said.

He said clubs are chosen through a nomination process, and then student government senators vote on which club they would like to attend the next meeting.

Miller said he thinks the group nights are going well.

“Many groups, including Dance Ensemble (members) and (Kappa Delta Rho brothers) have approached (student government senators) with real issues we may be able to help with,” he said.

At a Jan. 16 student government meeting, former Kappa Delta Rho President Carmen Spica brought up his concerns about freshmen no longer being able to accept a bid from a fraternity or sorority.

Student senators suggested all fraternity, sorority and student government members meet with administrators before a Greek Council meeting.

The meeting was scheduled for 8 p.m. last Sunday.

Student Government President Joe Evanko said he thinks group nights are going well so far.

“It’s good for other club (members) to see how our meetings are run.

“It also gives (student senators) a wider base of knowledge (as to what other clubs are doing),” said Evanko.

At the beginning of each meeting, Evanko asks the clubs’ representatives a few questions about their club.

“The questions are usually directed toward specific club (members). Questions will change with each club (member),” Evanko said.

Additionally, club members are able to voice concerns they may have.

At a Nov. 14 meeting, Dance Ensemble officers brought up the lack of a large enough practice space.

Evanko said senators suggested ensemble officers rent the Cambria Room and budget for a large roll-out mat they can practice on.

Campus Activities and Engagement Director Heather Hall said inviting student organization members to student government meetings is a good opportunity for both parties.

“When Miller suggested this, I believe the intended outcome was to understand the student experience from the perspective of (the club members),” said Hall.

“And, ultimately, for the (senators) to learn where the needs are and what current perception people have of their student representation.”

Evanko also said it’s nice to see club members in the audience who don’t necessarily need something from the student senators.

“There’s normally not a lot of people at our meetings, unless a club (member) needs an emergency allocation or if a student wants to charter a club,” said Evanko.

Hall said she thinks it’s crucial for students to attend meetings.

“Decisions are made on behalf of students each day,” said Hall.

“(Student government) is only going to be as good as the students themselves working with their elected senators to make campus a better place.”