Senators add and change amendments


Tyler McNulty

Student Government President Pro Tempore Wyatt Deutsch speaks at a Nov. 7 meeting.

Tyler McNulty, News Editor

Student government senators are no longer required to have office hours.

Senators voted to remove senate constitutional rules relating to punishment for not holding office hours.

“Since we aren’t having office hours, we decided to get rid of (punishment),” President Pro Tempore Wyatt Deutsch said.

Senators also voted to change wording on the ability of the senate president and vice president to act as (senators) see fit to perform their duties.

“The wording was (vague),” Deutsch said.

“(The amendment) basically said the (president and vice president) are able to do anything they want without any (senator) doing anything about it,” he said.

Deutsch said the new wording still allows the president and vice president to act as necessary, but student senators can veto decisions.

“It still allows the (president and vice president) to do something without telling the rest of (the senators), but they can overturn their decision with a two thirds vote.

An amendment also was added, allowing executive board members to do something without going to senators first.

Deutsch said he noticed executive board members, besides the president and vice president, don’t have any power listed in the constitution

“It’s similar to the other two amendments (regarding the president and vice president),” he said.

Deutsch said one of the reasons for amending and creating the amendments was simple.

“If (executive board members) have the power to do something without having to go to senators for approval, (the senators) should have the power to overturn our decision,” Deutsch said.