Northeast trees planted on campus


Natasha Bazika

Senior Grady Zagorac walks past the newly planted trees near Kunk’s Drive last week.

Rachel Logan, Copy Editor

A grove of old and dying trees between Schoolhouse Road and Kunk’s Drive have been uprooted and new trees were planted last month in their place.

Administration and Finance Vice President Amy Buxbaum said that most of the old trees were removed over the summer.

“Their removal will address concerns for falling trees in the area,” she said.

Buxbaum said the old trees were black locust, ash and cherry trees.

Forty new trees to take root in the area.

“The new tree specimens will be freshly dug and shipped in October, the best time to plant trees,” Buxbaum said. “The species were recommended by professional arborists as varieties that can thrive in this location.”

Physical Plant Director Walt Kalista said that most of the recommended and purchased trees are native to the northeast U.S. – red oak, red maple and tulip poplar are to be planted. Sweet gum, white spruce and concolor fir are to accompany them.

“The featured tree in this project is the American beech,” Kalista said, “six of which are to be planted… with two being planted in the lawn area at the main entrance to campus.”

Physical Plant Coordinator Jackie Ivock said six of all species are to be planted, except for concolor fir and white spruce, of each only five are to be planted.

Ivock said the trees were purchased from Wooster, Ohio’s, Davey Tree Nursery, and Johnstown’s Lichtenfels Nursery Inc. is sending workers to help plant them.

Buxbaum said trees were to be planted last week with Lichtenfels workers’ assistance since the local nursery has the equipment and expertise to plant larger trees.

“(Lichtenfels) will provide the best likelihood that (the trees) will thrive after being transplanted,” she said.