Cherry tree is to top first Earth Week

Rachel Logan, Copy Editor

This week, student government’s Student Affairs Committee members have organized the first ever earth-themed events culminating Earth Day Saturday.

Committee member Jake McClintock said the Monday event was to be an earth-themed dinner in the Student Union’s cafeteria, that included fresh fruit and dirt pudding.

According to committee co-chair Julia Adams, there is to be garden pot painting and free water bottles Thursday afternoon in the Cambria Room.

From 4-5 p.m. Friday, there is to be a campus and trail cleanup, followed by a barbecue on the campus mall.

There also is to be a tree-planting Friday.

“We are getting a tree and a plaque. We are planning on planting the tree at the start of the barbecue,” Adams said.

“We are still discussing a place (to plant) with Physical Plant (staff), but we are thinking of putting it in campus mall,” she said.

Originally, Adams said the planted tree was to be a petticoat maple from Stuver’s Riverside Nursery; however, the tree is now to come from a Physical Plant employee.

“(Grounds Supervisor) David Finney has a bunch of tree saplings, so he’s letting us use one of those. It’s a blossoming cherry tree.”

Adams said that, when the idea was first proposed, it was just to plant a few trees on campus.

“That was Thomas Messer’s idea. I had the idea of making it a week-long, campus wide event. Then the rest of the small ideas and details came from everyone on the Student Affairs Committee.

“The rest of student government has been willing to help and plan as well. It’s really been a group effort,” Adams said.

Messer said he’s excited to see what his idea grows into.

“My original idea was to just have a tree-planting, so I mentioned it to student affairs and they all expanded upon it,” he said.

“It’s looking to be a lot bigger than my original (idea) though, which I’m super psyched about…It looks like it’s going to be a pretty big thing on campus.”

Adams also said she thinks students will enjoy the events.

“Hopefully, since I’m now the co-chair of student affairs, I will try to bring it back next year. Hopefully, over time, it will grow into something bigger.”

Last Friday, Adams said committee members were still working on finishing touches for this week’s events.

Student Affairs Vice President and student government adviser Shawn Brooks said he is only peripherally involved in the week’s planning process.

“I am excited to say that this is exclusively student-driven with a group of dedicated students who are passionate about making a difference on our campus and on our planet.”