Club members reclaim bake sale right

Rachel Logan, Copy Editor

Last spring, it was announced that club and organization members would no longer be able to sell student-made food at fundraising events and bake sales. In early March, it was announced that some would be allowed.

Still, for non-fundraising events, such as meetings and social events, club and organization members are required to order food through Sodexo, the new rules say.

As before, to be able to sell food, at least one student from an organization must attend a Sodexo-sponsored food-handling workshop. This workshop is to be offered only once a semester.

The policy states that food sales are to be allowed in Krebs Hall, Blackington Hall and the Engineering and Science Building at any time, and in Biddle Hall after 4 p.m., after Jazzman’s Café is closed.

As always, baked goods, such as cookies or doughnuts, are able to be sold if they are from a certified safe vendor, but care should be taken that no one but a gloved club member may serve food that is not prepackaged.

Before restrictions were added last spring, the number of food fundraisers per week on campus was not restricted.

“Two food sales are permitted per week. Only one of the two food sales can be a meal-type sale between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.,” the rules say.

Sales of precooked meat items are permitted, as are sales of subs and sandwiches. Subs and sandwiches must be pre-ordered from a certified vendor.

Sodexo staff are to provide a sign displaying possible allergens present in food being sold.

Club and organization members looking to raise money are now able to assist Sodexo employees for $25 an hour per club at campus events where food is to be sold. Such requests are to be submitted to Sodexo General Manager Kevin Dicey.

Requests for food sales should be presented to Student Affairs Assistant Vice President Bob Knipple and should be submitted as far in advance as possible, and no less than two weeks before the event.

According to Knipple, efforts to modify the policy started in early February. The topic was discussed at a Jan. 25 Faculty Senate meeting.

“The policy was changed in response to students, student groups and club and organization advisers who felt the policy was too restrictive.”

Knipple said that nine students representing 11 clubs and organizations attended the recent food-handling workshop, including Delta Sigma Chi, History Club and Catholic Campus Ministry.

“Moving forward, we will schedule the sessions earlier in the semester. My goal is to roll it into the club and organization officers’ meeting that we conduct at the start of the semesters,” Knipple said.

“So far, reaction to the new policy has been favorable. I need to give a shout out to Kevin Dicey for not only working to develop this new policy, but for offering the opportunity for clubs and organization (members) to actually earn money by helping Sodexo at student-sponsored events.”

Alan Walstad, Kappa Delta Rho’s adviser, was one of the more vocal advocates for policy change.

Walstad said that his organization has been known to sell pulled-pork sandwiches in the past.

“Now we can do that again because pulled pork is precooked.”

Walstad said that a couple of the advising faculty met with Finance and Administration Vice President Amy Buxbaum and Dicey to revise the rules to be closer to the way they were previously.

“There were basically two reasons why they wanted (restrictions),” Walstad said.

Walstad said safety was one concern of Sodexo managers.

“All agreed that no student organizations should be working with raw meat.”

Walstad noted that the second big reason the restrictions had to do with possible competition with Sodexo sales.

“We are hoping we made a reasonable accord.”