Power outage causes worry

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Around 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 8, a storm with snow, winds and low temperatures caused the Pitt-Johnstown’s power to go out in some residence halls.

Although the power outage caused distress among students, the issue was a simple power outage, according to student government President Kyle Maguire.

“There is not much to it, besides a simple power outage, and nothing has been brought up to the (student government) as a result,” said Maguire.

“If it was important, administration would have directed me to take action and notify my senators and fellow students on the issue; but, since we have not seen that, there is nothing more to say,” said Maguire.

During the power outage, Living/Learning Center resident junior Melissa Wagner said she became upset.

“I went outside to the hallway that was lit from the generator and talked to my friends who were roaming out of their rooms as well,” said Wagner.

“It was not too long, but, once the power came back on, I was tired and went straight back to bed.”

For other students, the power outage was a surprise that caught them off guard.

Senior Allison Rizzo was brushing her teeth when the power went out in the Living/Learning Center.

“I was trying to spit, then the power went out, and I could not find the sink,” said Rizzo.

“I screamed and did not know what to do with the spit and toothpaste that was still in my mouth.”

When she realized what had happened, Rizzo said she went out in the hall to see whether anyone else was curious as to what happened.

“I wanted to see if anyone else was as freaked out as I was,” said Rizzo.

“I also wanted to showcase that I was brushing my teeth, as I still had my toothbrush sticking out of my mouth.”

Once the power came back on, Rizzo said she was able to continue with her nightly routine.

“I had to finish brushing my teeth,” Rizzo said.