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Tyler McNulty, News Editor

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Pitt-Johnstown police have charged 20-year-old James Cantwell of Churchville, Bucks County, with operation of vehicle without official certificate of inspection and driving upon a sidewalk Jan. 20.

Officer Daniel Smith reported that Cantwell was operating his vehicle with expired registration and driving his vehicle on a sidewalk.

A $220 fine was listed for the charges.

Pitt-Johnstown police also charged Cynthia Gutierrez of Monroeville, Allegheny County with purchase, consumption, possession and/or transportation of liquor, malt or brewed beverages Jan. 21.

Officer Smith alleged Gutierrez consumed a malt or brewed beverage.

A $455 fine was listed for the charge.

Pitt-Johnstown police charged 19-year-old Dylan Dominkush, of Pittsburgh, and 19-year-old Mark Salvas, of Oakmont, Allegheny County, with disorderly conduct Jan. 24.

Officer Glenn Berkey reported that Dominkush and Salvas possessed a small amount of marijuana and smoked in an Oak Hall dorm room.

A $355 fine was listed for both charges.

Police charged Michael Sclesky, 19, of Northern Cambria, and Robert Smith, 19, of Randolph, Morris County, with disorderly conduct Jan. 26.

Officer Edward Ostroski reported Sclesky and Smith smoked marijuana in a Hemlock Hall  room.

A $255 fine was listed for both charges. 

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