Health services have no director

Peijia Zhang , Editor-in-Chief

Former Health and Wellness Services Director Theresa Horner said she left her Pitt-Johnstown position at the semester’s start. She did not offer a reason.

A university news service indicated Horner was employed at Pitt-Johnstown for 15 years.

Shelley Peruso, one of the two Pitt-Johnstown counselors, said Horner’s departure has not affected service provided to students.

“No student has been waiting for extra length of time (to meet with a counselor),” Peruso said.

The Health and Wellness Services office also has a nurse and a visiting doctor, according to Pitt-Johnstown’s website.

Horner now works as a part-time visiting assistant professor at Saint Francis University, according to the university’s website’s posting.

Three other staff positions are open as well: Admissions Recruiter and Counselor, Clinical Assistive Technology Specialist and Area Coordinator.

Pitt-Johnstown’s Human Resources Specialist Kathleen A. Patterson declined to be interviewed.

Horner said she is still in transition to her new position, and her experiences at Pitt-Johnstown were all good ones.