New officer appointed

Tyler McNulty, News Editor

When Paul Newman stepped down as academic affairs assistant vice president, he also relinquished his duty to serve as academic integrity officer.

Civil engineering professor Andy Rose is to assume the integrity officer duties.

Rose said one of his biggest initial challenges in the position will be becoming familiar with procedures.

One of the main responsibilities of the academic integrity officer is dealing with students accused of plagiarism and professors accused of breaking the academic integrity guidelines, then deciding whether the accusations deserve a deeper look and possibly a hearing.

Rose said he plans to work closely with Interim Academic Affairs Assistant Vice President Kristin Majocha and keep her in the loop.

Rose said he is looking forward to having faculty and students become more aware of the need for academic integrity.

“We will still both be working together under the same administrative assistant.”

According to Majocha, it is not common for both positions to be held by the same person, and it is nothing new.

“When Newman took over as (assistant vice president), he also took on the role as (integrity officer),” she said.

Newman also said the only other time he could remember the assistant vice president not holding the other title was when he was elected to academic integrity administrative officer by  the faculty senate.

“(Pitt-Johnstown) has an (integrity officer) who is not a member of administration, but is a faculty member who someone appointed to the position,” Newman said.

Although Rose was appointed to the position, Newman has faith with the separation.

“I think (Rose) is going to do a great job.”