Democrats financed for Washington, D.C. march

Rachel Logan , Copy Editor

Pitt-Johnstown College Democrats plan to attend the Million Women’s March Saturday in Washington, D.C.

The club became active again late last semester through efforts of its president, Jacob Williamson-Rea.

At a student government meeting before winter break, club officials were granted an emergency allocation of $462 for vans and gas for the women’s march.

According to Williamson-Rea, the trip and all upcoming events are open to any interested students.

“We plan to take part in a historical, nationally significant movement that demands equality for all under the (President-elect Donald) Trump administration,” he said of the march.

At the club’s first meeting of the semester last Wednesday, Williamson-Rea said they were to have 38 van seats for those marching, almost all of which were filled.

Those attending plan to leave for the 10 a.m. march nearly four hours beforehand. History professor Paul Newman, who has previously attended marches, noted that there would be a lot of standing around and waiting before the march kicked off, giving them leeway in departure time.

Other members shared tips for protesting and marching with newer members, including writing an emergency contact’s phone number on one’s arm and checking that one carried no pocket knives or pepper spray, in accordance with protesting guidelines.

After the march participation, club officers said they would like to attract more members.

“Moving forward, we want to get as many people involved as possible,” said Secretary Wyatt Deutsch.

The club is to hold meetings at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in room 134 Blackington Hall.

Club members are to advance awareness of the Democratic Party platform and provide leadership opportunities and engaging discourse for all students. Club members also plan to help foster an environment of acceptance, progress and intellectual advancement, according to Williamson-Rea.

In the future, Williamson-Rea said he plans on inviting guest speakers to campus, establishing polling places on campus for voting ease and organizing events with College Republicans Club members to promote intellectual and fair debate.

College Republicans President Patrick Troy said that his club also plans to attend a march in Washington, D.C. He and others are organizing buses for a pro-life march in coordination with Catholic Campus Ministry and local churches.