Closed parties in plan to up Greek numbers

Kappa Delta Rho brothers play catch with a football in front of their lodge.

Devin Parfitt

Kappa Delta Rho brothers play catch with a football in front of their lodge.

Evan Tonkin, Copy Editor

In an attempt to increase fraternity pledges, Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks is working with fraternity leaders.

Interfraternal Council president and Kappa Delta Rho member Zak Muto said two representatives from each fraternity get together weekly to discuss events and activities, and he then meets with Brooks.

One proposed change is moving from an open party system to a closed party system.

“My challenge for frats was, if you think you exist to party and you provide people with a party, and then they get to leave your house after the party, why would they ever join your organization?” said Brooks.

When fraternities host open parties, they allow anyone to enter.

Alternatively, when fraternities host closed parties, a list is created and given to Pitt-Johnstown officials naming all students expected to be inside the fraternity house.

If individuals are found inside the house who are not on the list, the fraternity gets in trouble.

Another proposed change is adding Greek-life-specific tutors for upper-level classes that do not have tutors.

“Higher-level-class tutoring will provide experiences (to fraternity members) that they couldn’t stumble into on their own,” said Brooks.

Sigma Tau Gamma President Gary Swope said that the changes are for the best.

“Personally, I think closed parties are going to help recruitment because, if we just let anyone who’s able to come in come in during an open party, they won’t really get to know us.

“I think that tutors will be a good thing because grades are really important to me and that’s something we really look for when we recruit new guys – guys that really want to do well instead of partying and being reckless,” said Swope.

“Everyone (at Delta Sigma Chi) is very excited to see the changes these new ideas will bring to Greek life,” said Delta Sigma Chi brother and Interfraternal Council representative Ryan Daly.

Kappa Delta Rho members also are excited to see the new changes.

“I think it’s a good thing; it’s going to promote Greek life on campus a little bit more,” said Muto.

“The whole reason I joined Greek life is to help me build myself as a person and build myself professionally.

“With this whole program, I feel that you have to be more outgoing; you have to make your presence more well-known. It’s just another way to get our name out there and grow Greek life as a whole. I feel like this is going to help us get there,” said Muto.

Former fraternity members Alex Scanga and Steven Stotz said they fear the potential repercussions of these changes and feel that these changes are another way the school is attempting to police fraternities.

“I disagree that closed parties will help enrollment. Open parties pique interest more than closed parties,” said Scanga.