Student senators plan to update, improve site

Victoria Kwok, Contributing Writer

If you search “UPJ SGA WIX” online, the first result is a link to a student government website. There, you are greeted by large notices that say, “Website under maintenance–Coming soon!” beneath an outdated group photo.

“(The website) has been around for about two and a half years, so it’s still new to us,” said Student Government President Assoiciation Kyle Maguire.

“We looked into creating a new website, but we would have to pay a monthly fee, and that’s not the correct use of our funds.”

Student government members decided to keep and update the original website.

Although student government has Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep students updated, the website is to be kept for its potential.

Not many students are aware of this website. Freshmen Emily Coffer and Gage Thomas said they were unaware of its existence despite having friends in student government.

Coffer said that student government’s purpose is to inform higher-ups of what the students want. Thomas said he was unsure as to its purpose.

The website is an opportunity to give students a better understanding of what student government is about, Coffer and Thomas agreed.

Although student government has social media to inform the students, Coffer and Thomas agreed that the website is a great addition to better inform students.

Maguire said he wanted students to be involved in student government and to be able to go to the website and see what it has done or is doing from a student’s perspective.

Student government officials are also working on posting minutes and agendas on a window facing inward in the Tuck Shop seating area.

Parliamentarian Sam Miller said that the news window would provide students with another opportunity to stay involved in student government affairs. Committee meeting minutes and upcoming events are also to be posted there.