Rules mandate Sodexo rations

Tyler McNulty, Contributing Writer

Pitt-Johnstown has implemented constrictions regarding campus food sales.

According to an email from Real World Action program Director Jeanne Susko, club and organization members wishing to sell food for fundraising are permitted to sell only pre-packaged foods; items prepared by individuals are forbidden to be sold on campus.

Susko said the new rules would improve the safety of students, faculty, and staff at the fall officer’s meeting Sept. 7 in the Cambria Room.

In addition, the email said that pre-order sales are permitted only from a vendor who can provide Pitt-johnstown with a copy of their state-issued food seller’s license, along with proof of their most recent inspection date.

Student Affairs Vice President Shawn Brooks said more club members are requesting food for their programs.

Brooks said the food for clubs must be Sodexo-made or overseen by Sodexo, meaning a Sodexo employee would have to be at the event to ensure hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

“The safety of our students and staff is our No. 1 priority. We don’t want to see someone eat a warm potato salad and then become severely sick because of it,”  Brooks said.

At least one former club president said rules asuring food safety were already being followed.

“I made sure that everyone followed the rules about cooking,” said former Anime Club President Thomas Plutt.

If food is brought onto campus, Pitt-Johnstown is responsible, especially if it pays for the food. They are legally liable for any food-related occurrences, Brooks said.

At the Fall Officer’s Meeting, Auxiliary Services Coordinator Judy McGuirk said that all food ordered for club events has to be done through Sodexo as part of the contract Pitt-Johnstown has with the food company.

Even though clubs are still able to hold bake sales as a way to raise funds, the guidelines are now more strict.

“The bake sales were used to help raise funds so that the members could go to a convention held in Pittsburgh every year called Tekko,” Plutt said.

“Each time we held a fundraiser we raised over $300, and, overall, it was a lot of fun for our members. We’ve tried others in the past, but none were as successful as the bake sale.”

Currrent Anime Club President Cody Thomas said fundraising will be more difficult without a homemade bake sale option.

“We are currently looking into other options, like a gaming tournament or fundraisers at Sweet Frog or Five Guys.”